It has always been very important to Esferico that as many people as possible are able to benefit from our systems, but without sacrificing development times or usability on platforms not considered to be our prime market-place. This is especially true with the new range of schools and academies opening in the UK, many of whom have decided to move away from the traditional school MS Windows platform.

For this reason, Esferico insist on using an inherently cross-platform development pattern which allows us to ship to Windows, Mac OSX, Linux (and more) based desktop environments from the same development project. We literally use the same development code for all of the major operating systems in use in schools today. No-one gets priority, and no-one is left behind. Upgardes and fixes for all platforms are available simultaneously.

Early in 2018, we also expect this policy to extend the Pergamon range to both the Web and Mobile computing devices, greatly expanding the flexibility of using Pergamon around the school environment.